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People of Polaris

July 2018- Catherine & Don 

Cath and Don otherwise known as 'Mum and Don' or Mum and my step-dad Don were the first to visit Polaris in July, 2018. Polaris was in Canet en Roussillon and had just been put in the water for our test sail in which we would, with the surveyor establish as best we could the condition of the boat before agreeing to buy. Together we all went out for a few hours and it was eventful to say the least. The main halliard snapped and a flogging line smashed one of the solar panels but other than that, all good!

Mum and Don on the test sail_edited.jpg

August 2018- Paul & Anne 

Paul and Anne are good family friends from Dublin. They are close friends of my mum and Don's. During July when we came over for the test sail mum and Don had been staying in Paul and Anne's holiday home in the beautiful village of Bize de Minervois, South of France. We were invited to stay which was very generous and convenient as it is quite close to where Polaris was in Canet. When we took possession of Polaris the week of August the 13th we invited Paul and Anne around for lunch. They were our first visitors since us becoming the official owners of Polaris. We had a lovely afternoon catching up on news from home and swapping stories. We had a swim but no sailing that day as we didn't yet feel confident on day.3 to manouvre the boat out of the marina on our own..a bit more practice needed first. Paul and Anne brought with them some delicious food and a bottle of bubbly which we opened a few weeks later when we made land fall in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily. We shared it with the crew after 5 days of sailing. 


August 2018- Pavol & Lubo 

Pavol and Lubo, who joined us at Canet en Rousillon in France, helped us sail Polaris all the way to Sicily. Both rock music fans from Slovakia. We had a great time with them and were glad to have them to help with night watches and when a few things went wrong they were brilliant. Lubo even rescued a runaway backgammon piece!

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