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Team Polaris


With a joint goal to circumnavigate the globe, Jim and Kate are currently living on their sailing yacht Polaris in French Polynesia. They spent their first year sailing in the Mediterranean and then crossed the Atlantic ocean in November 2019. In March 2022, after spending just over two years in the Caribbean, they crossed the Pacific ocean double-handed.


Jim Ski.jpeg

Jim, from London, is the Captain and is also a keen photographer. Many of the photos featured on this site are taken by Jim. Since August (2018) Jim's focus has been on upgrading many things onboard, teaching Kate to sail and preparing for the next big ocean crossing. Along the way Jim loves to spend hours kiting and foiling.


Still Irish.JPG

Kate, the first mate, is from Dublin, Ireland. Since Kate and Jim moved onto Polaris in August 2018, Kate has learned how to sail and is in charge of most domestic aspects of the running of the boat. Kate has completed about 16,000 nautical miles in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic ocean, the Caribbean sea and the Pacific ocean.

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