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The Irish Times

18th September 2023

This article first appeared in The Irish Times online on the 18th of September 2023. It was trending as the number one most-read article for 24 hours. 

Aimed at a mainstream audience Kate discusses how she and her partner came to be halfway through their first circumnavigation.

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Multihull Power & Sail Magazine by Sail Magazine Winter '23 

Full Feature:
Highs and Lows- A Pacific Passage

The story of Kate and Jim's longest ocean passage yet, from Galapagos to French Polynesia. 

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Yachting World- May '23 

Cover Story Full Feature:
Your Pacific Plan

Kate's detailed guide and look at what it takes to prepare and complete a trans-pacific passage by reflecting on her own experience. She discusses key considerations in making the decision to leave and route options, the reality of the passages, arrival and what life has really been like in French Polynesia for the last year onboard SV Polaris.

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Yachting World- Jan '23  

Full Feature:
Making The Switch- Novice to Liveaboard

Kate writes about becoming a full-time bluewater liveaboard. From her very first day sail to those solo night watches, she discusses the key areas of competency she  began to develop including learning to sail a catamaran with her partner, provisioning and the real demands of boat maintenance. She recounts her first sailing season in the Mediterranean from the vantage point of having since crossed two oceans and being halfway through a global circumnavigation.

Sailing Today- May '23

Full Feature:
Choosing Your Cat

Kate writes about the very first stage of the journey: deciding to buy a boat and then all the steps to ensure the right boat is selected for a planned circumnavigation. In it, she explains the criteria she and partner Jim used including comfort and seaworthiness for a circumnavigation.

Cover shot May 2023 issue.png

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Sailing Today- Oct '23

Cover Story Full Feature:
Sell Up and Sail

Kate reflects on what is has been like to go from complete sailing novice to becoming a full-time liveaboard and trans-ocean sailor en-route to completing her first circumnavigation. In it, she details the reality of her chosen lifestyle, the sacrifices involved and the steep learning curve but above all how richly rewarding it is.

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Sailing Today- Dec '23

Full Feature:
Oceans Apart-
A Textbook Transatlantic Trip

Crossing an ocean for the first time is a daunting prospect and in this article Kate shares what it was really like. It was this first ocean passage, according to the author, that confirmed her love of sailing and firm resolve to keep going around the world with her partner onboard their catamaran, Polaris.

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